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John Burley, who has 25 years of experience designing and building ice rinks, plays the Bob Vila of ice rink construction, walking the viewer through all of the unique design parameters critical to a successful ice rink installation. This 8 part educational documentary of ice rink design and construction takes the prospective designer/builder through all of the phases of construction from ground breaking through staff orientation. These are ideal for the architect, engineer, or private developer whom may not be very experienced with the esoteric construction principals unique for the unusual environment of an ice skating rink. Each section of the video is approximately 30 minutes in length and outline the special design elements of moisture control, Low-E ceiling design, dehumidification, rubber flooring installation, and proper application of materials to ensure long term performance with minimal maintenance. The major categories contained within each chapter are located below next to the video links. However, each section also contains smaller, but equally valuable design tips and cost saving ideas not listed.

These videos make an emphasis to show many of the commonly overlooked details and mistakes witnessed over the years from being in numerous facilities. The standard construction techniques often used for conventional construction often proves problematic when not altered for the cold and abusive environment of an ice rink – these videos show how to avoid such problems and wasted construction expenses.  If you have questions, need additional information, or would like help with the design and planning of your complex, please contact us.

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Part 1

of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Videos

  • Getting Started – Overview Of The Complex
  • Picking The Location
  • Site Striping & Grading
  • Structural Steel Delivery & Erection
  • Building Foundations
  • Water Proofing & Perimeter Drainage
  • Tie-rods & Hairpins For Lateral Loads
  • Planning Underground Piping & Utilities
  • Elevator Pit/Foundation
  • Galvanized Purlins For The Roof Structure
  • Rink Perimeter Honch Preparation
  • Vapor Barriers For Slabs On Grade In Rink Environment
  • Snow Melting Pit Design
  • Building Layout Reasoning
  • Masonry Work Begins
  • Vapor Barriers On Exterior Walls

Part 2

of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Videos

  • Rink Piping Transmission Lines Being Installed
  • Underground Piping & Conduit
  • Metal Siding & Proper Installation Of Vapor Barriers
  • Rink Perimeter Concrete Forming & Pouring
  • Perimeter Conduit Placement For Scorer’s Box, Goal Light, & PA System
  • Drains In The Players Box Floors
  • Masonry Work & Pre-cast Second Floor Planks
  • Trench Drain For Ice Resurfacer
  • Rink Floor Rough Grade
  • Internal Liner Panel Installation
  • Dehumidifier Pad
  • Standing Seam Roof Being Installed With Special Insulation Package
  • Design & Materials For Ice Rink Roof Insulation System & Low-E ceiling Design
  • Insulation System Being Rolled Out Ahead Of Roof Panels

Part 3

of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Videos


  • Rink Lighting – Fixture Mounting.
  • Light Fixture Design & Adjustment.
  • Parking Lot Preparation.
  • Site Curbing.
  • Construction Accident – Failed Procedure For Pre-cast Installation By GC
  • Asphalt Parking Lot Base Installation.
  • Parking Lot Poles In Place.
  • Players Box Back Wall Construction.
  • Getting The Rink Area Ready To Receive The Rink System.
  • Parking Lot Installed & Striped.
  • Building Front Area Work.
  • Structural Steel Painting.
  • Chiller In Position Installation Begins.
  • Radiant Heaters For Rink.
  • Pouring Sidewalks.
  • Rink Floor Subsoil Heat Tubing Being Installed.
  • Second Floor Fit Out Begins.

Part 4

of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Videos


  • Parking Lot Completion
  • Exterior Wall Construction Continues
  • Exterior Dry-Vit Installation
  • Applying Curing Compounds To Exterior Slabs
  • Painting Structural Steel
  • Subsoil Heat Installation
  • Hollow-Core For Front Building Area
  • Rink Floor Fine Grading Process
  • Rink Floor Header Insulation Box
  • Refrigeration Piping In Mechanical Room
  • Refrigeration Hook-Up
  • Radiant Floor Heating System For General Use Areas
  • Rink Floor Piping Delivery
  • Second Floor Stud Wall Construction
  • Rink Floor Insulation
  • Rink Floor Piping Installation Begins
  • Dasherboard Installation
  • Rink Floor Flooding & Ice Building

Part 5

of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Videos

  • Masonry Block Filler & Painting
  • Dehumidifier Duct Work
  • Chiller Startup
  • Microprocessor Commissioning
  • Locker Room Painting
  • Locker Room Heaters & Controls
  • Locker Room Design & Showers
  • Rubber Flooring Installation
  • Making The First Ice Sheet
  • Stress Relieving Ice Before Painting
  • Painting The Ice Sheet

Part 6

of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Videos

  • Second Floor Drywall Construction
  • HVAC Ductwork For Second Floor
  • Doors & Hardware To Use
  • Ceiling Texture Paint
  • Flush Mount Lighting Panels With Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Hollow Metal Door Panel Plastic Covers
  • Rental Skate Counter Design
  • Concession Counter Construction
  • Rubber Flooring In Locker Rooms
  • Toilet Partitions, Sink, Mirror, & Plumbing Fittings
  • Rink Flag Decorations
  • Scoreboard Installation
  • Center Header Trench Plate
  • Netting Installation Atop Of Dashers
  • Music Video Screen
  • Internal Solarium Being Constructed
  • Players Box Area Design

Part 7

of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Videos

  • Front Dry-vit Completed
  • Window Finishes
  • External Emergency Lighting
  • Entrance Area Design & Mats
  • Lobby Area Completed Look
  • Rubber Floor Color Layout
  • Recessed Fire Extinguishers
  • Pro Shop Layout & Equipment Fitting
  • Pro Shop High Wear Carpet
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Special Solid Plastic Indestructible Skating Changing Benches
  • Rental Skate Racks
  • Concession Counter
  • Arcade Area
  • Eating Table Design
  • DJ Room
  • Saucer Game On The Ice
  • Food Service Equipment

Part 8

of the Ice Rink Construction & Design Videos

  • Food Service Equipment
  • Concession Counter Design
  • Exhaust Hood Control
  • Back Food Processing Area
  • Walk-In Freezer
  • Locker Room Benches & Shelves Finished
  • Stick Racks
  • Finished Mechanical Room
  • Microprocessor Control System
  • Operating Refrigeration System
  • Working Dehumidifier
  • Boiler Room
  • LPG Outdoor Storage Locker