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Ice Rink Design / Construction

Everything Ice is your single source for all items related to ice rink design and construction. With more than 30 years experience and over 900 rink installations, we have the necessary expertise to guide your team from concept to completion. Please see our Resource Page for helpful documents at it relates to the design and construction of ice rinks.

Everything Ice will assist architects, mechanical engineers and general contractors on all topics relating to ice rink construction and design to ensure a quality project.

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Indoor Ice Arena

Indoor Ice arenas are the heart and soul of the ice rink industry. These facilities are typically at the core of local communities and provide endless recreational opportunities for both youth and adults. Paramount to their success are sustainable design and energy efficient equipment that keep utilities low.

Please visit the products and services section to learn more about these unique products tailored to indoor ice arenas

Portable Ice Rink

Outdoor portable ice rinks are among the most popular and profitable venues for city centers, plazas, town parks and shopping malls. Typically operated between November and March, each rink is unique and requires the highest levels of quality, innovation and planning to succeed.

At Everything Ice, we have pioneered several unique products for the outdoor portable rink market that combine innovative designs with practical solutions, which include:

  • Energy efficient ice rink chiller
  • Instant Ice portable rink piping system
  • Porta Ice portable rink piping system
  • Recreational style dasherboards
  • Custom dashersboards
  • Ice Resurfacers

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Ice Rink Dasherboards

Dasherboards are arguably the most prominent and easily recognizable piece of equipment inside an ice rink. Safety and longevity are of the highest importance, requiring innovative design and quality craftsmanship.

Everything Ice has a long and successful history in producing quality dasherboards. We created and patented the push button door latch and  the first flexible dasherboard system.

Whether you are building a new rink, or retrofitting an existing facility, contact Everything Ice and our team will work with you to ensure that you next dasherboard system exceeds all your expectations.

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